About Iain

Iain was brought up on a hill farm in the Scottish Borders where he gained all of his core understanding and respect for nature’s life cycle and the environment. He then worked in Central London developing fresh fruit juices and soups in the early 1990s for UK retail markets. His passion has always been innovation with an environmental and social conscience.

Iain worked for 10 years in the fresh fruit juice and soup industry, developing innovative new products and manufacturing processes. Adjusting niche market perception for retail across the UK and establishing nationwide wholesale and distribution. Helping to change the face of an industry forever.

Iain has over 15 years experience working with major Local Authorities in specialist architectural design and land reuse, playing a key role within the family business developing innovative products and on-site application. Helping to change the face of an industry forever

After meeting Michael and Kenny Bruce in 2016, Iain joined Purple Bricks, the UK’s largest, most innovative and progressive Estate Agency company as a Senior Licensed Business Partner. Helping to change the face of an industry forever

Iain was proud and humbled to receive the customer care award from the business in 2018 and has most recently been awarded the Customer Service Care award for 2020.

Iain is excited to return with Orange and Black to his core innate passion for good wholesome food, the environment, and helping people to connect with both.

Newcastleton Primary School – Planting a tree is in the blood! (Iain is at the back circled in red)