Special Jazz Blend

As a special treat, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Gale Tone Records to promote Jazz legend Aldevis Tibaldi’s latest album ‘Special Jazz Blend’. Please listen, share and buy!

His previous album made The Telegraph’s list of the best Jazz Albums 2016. Now London-based Italian saxophonist Adelvis Tibaldi is back with Special Jazz Blend, out now on all major stream sites through GaleTone Records.

What they’re saying about Special Jazz Blend

Tibaldi plays some fantastic stuff, the way he stacks his horns together swings and sounds strong, his solos are immensely satisfying and he seems very comfortable and relaxed playing this style of music. …….I hope that it gets the promotion it deserves, for when the sun finally comes out, Tibaldi and his band should be a joy to see live and these tunes should be everywhere. Adam Seiff, London Jazz News ( https://londonjazznews.com/2021/02/27/aldevis-tibaldi-special-jazz-blend )

Actually that is so for all of them. It buzzes with the electricity of an un-over-rehearsed band and quite apart from the delicious nature of the whole it is this element that really leapt out and captivated me.It sounds fresh. Very immediate. Extremely listenable. Tuneful with a profound sense of harmony and harmonic invention. Stick it on, it’ll make you feel good.Julian Stewart Lindsay

You’ll soon get a taste of Special Jazz Blend

A first glimpse of the album artwork tells you this is no average independent release.

The vintage coffee grinder takes front and centre. Beyond, outside the window, you glimpse a giraffe stalking the streets of east London. It’s…different. But in a good way. Like the music inside.

Adelvis Tibaldi is a rare beast. An accomplished saxophonist from Trieste, his previous release was called TwentySix Three and ended up on The Telegraph’s list of the best Jazz Albums 2016. Adrian Pallant of AP Reviews labelled it ‘pretty unputdownable’.

All twelve tracks were captured on a single take, with analogue equipment delivering a spontaneity that evoked the scene-changing, epoch-making sound of 1959. Now he’s back and roaming free once more.

With Special Jazz Blend, Tibaldi serves up his own take on a grooving 70’s soundscape.

Listening to this album is the equivalent to putting on a very cool pair of Italian sunglasses, closing your eyes, and tuning into a radio station that transports you through Tuscan summer afternoon parties, onto Rome’s American bars and into Soho’s smoky dives. Visit New Orleans and New York along the way. Is that Rio and Sau Paulo flying past? And there’s even time for short stop-offs in Paris, Moscow and Istanbul too.

Tibaldi’s music influences this time are equally varied.

I was heavily influenced by the 70s fusion scene and great bands such as Steps Ahead, Weather Report, and Miles Davis,” he explains. “Then you have legendary soul and funk of James Brown, Prince, The Meters, The MGs – I worked closely with Al Green’s keyboardist Michael Perry Allen from STAX records. You’ll also find a touch of Brazilian Bossa Nova, and even Makossa from Cameroon.

All specially blended in London’s East End to create a sound as distinctive as a single origin espresso. It’s retro. Yet it’s also fresh and new and now.

The music has again been written by Tibaldi, who plays with all the freedom, invention and harmony of a musician who isn’t just good at what he does but has a lot of fun – and a lot of coffee – while he’s doing it.

The telepathic interactions of the band add an organic and super-smooth vibe that comes with a kick. It’ll have you tapping your fingers like you’re on your fifth double-shot latte of the day.

Who is Aldevis Tibaldi?

Adelvis Tibaldi is a saxophonist and flautist from Trieste, who’s also no stranger to the clarinet and trombone. Based in London for the last 15 years, he leads his own band in addition to playing sessions, resident saxophone teacher at Hampton Court House, Surrey and visiting lecturer at Goldsmith College and Westminster University.

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